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Last weekend I had the huge opportunity to attend David Talley's Concept Collaboration (it was finally the first time I was actually in the same city that something was going on!) We all went to Oneonta Gorge, or at least the entrance to it due to excessive rain and flooding. But despite the inclement weather we still made some pretty great artworks. It was so fun getting to meet other creative people who are passionate about photography, and I even got to photograph a couple of them!

The theme for David's Collaboration this month was "Catalyst of Light" so for some of these photos I tried to pay special attention to the light (you should always pay attention to the light). I should have gone in with more ideas pertaining to the theme than winging all these images, but I think I came out with some good material even if it didn't necessarily fit the theme. Plus it was so fun to explore a part of Oregon I had never been to before, and I hope to go back on a day when it's not flooded over.