You guys. This shoot. 

First of all, this shoot almost never existed. I had photographed Cody last year around this same time and we were wanting to do it again with his other guitars. Everything was good to go, but then at the last minute (aka like two hours before our scheduled time) we were unable to go to the location for which we had planned. So I thought, eh, why not just go to the dunes? Sand is pretty cool, right? Then all of a sudden I got that insane burst of inspiration that almost physically hits you right in the face. You know what I'm talking about. There in neon letters: Do A Freaking Mad Max Shoot. And just like that everything fell together. We got the props (Cody had previously made both the guitar and the glove), the wardrobe, the makeup (found on site thanks to an old campfire, haha), and Cody's friend Sydney even kindly agreed to model. I was freaking out the whole time over how awesome it looked, especially because it all came together in under an hour.

With the processing, I tried to find a nice mix between my personal style and the style of Fury Road. Obviously, one thing I especially loved about the movie was the super saturated red tones, and how magnificent all the landscape colors were, whether the characters were in broad daylight or under darkness of night. So I tried to mimic that same feel while also staying pretty Lauren-y with the processing. I'm pretty pleased with the results!

But for real. This shoot. Seriously a dream. Probably one of the best happy accidents ever.