Things have been pretty busy. I haven't written a blog post in a month and I've been doing so many shoots that I haven't even found time to post them. I've also been pushing weddings and other shoots for this summer as I'm planning to live in Oregon and need some way to survive. Meeting wedding clients is one of my new favorite things to do--I'm so excited to be able to celebrate such a happy day with so many beautiful people in such a beautiful state.

This series of portraits was an assignment for my photo iii class. We were told to make a self portrait of our literal self and a self portrait of our inner self (with corresponding signatures). For me, I also took it to mean my outward self and then my internal self. I described in class how often online I feel that internal self is more open to share what's within. It's hard for me in real life to talk about deep things. That's always been a struggle of mine and ever since I could write I found solace and expression through the written word and through visual art. 

It's been very recently that even the deepest parts of myself, I'm finally beginning to be able to express to those closest to me and through my art. I am becoming more and more interested in art, just in the study of expression and watching myself blossom because of it. I've always felt myself incredibly perceiving of my own thoughts and actions and why I do what I do, so it's intriguing to see those parts of me I've kept closed off just for the sake of their personalness become straightforward in the represented objects and forms. 

This has a lot to do with my own spirituality as well, and in most ways, art is beginning to bring me back to God. It's almost terrifying to type that, but I finally feel at peace after five years of searching and frustration. Creating is my calling (creating is everyone's calling), and I'm on the cusp of understanding what that means for my life.

I'm also starting to delve into other forms of art, mainly drawing and mixed media, and have really been enjoying exploring those mediums and contemplating how to merge my love of writing and photography with those. I am just so excited for the future and terrified of the opportunities and cannot wait to see what life has in store.