Hobbiton was a dream, and I'm so excited to share these photos with you! Quick funny story about the one above. I was going to just have Nile sit on the front steps leading down to the dock, because there was a rope blocking off the dock (probably so tourists couldn't fall in). 

I said, "I'll have you sit down here, even though it would have been really cool for you to stand on the dock--"

And then Nile just immediately removes the rope and walks out there! 

Our Hobbiton guide of course saw this, and started walking towards us to tell us we weren't allowed to do it, but when he saw what we were doing, he turned to another person in our group and said, "Oh, it's for a photo, it's okay."

Of course I'm not approving of tresspassing or anything, but I won't say I'm not glad Nile went out on the dock!

Below are more photos from Hobbiton, in which we were all magically transported to a different world. (I might have cried a little.)

May 11 - This nature overwhelms me and leaves me in awe. The waves of hills dotted with white sheep. Diamonds of rain falling from sunlight shafts. Little hobbit fences and blue blue skies. How can such a place exist? How am I allowed to immerse myself in the grandness of it all?