May 10 was spent on the road, viewing the sights of rural New Zealand, and soaking in every single view. We also stopped for skydiving, and viewed a waterfall.

May 11 began with the Waitomo Caves and a hike, which is what this blog post covers through. I don't think I'll ever get over how gorgeous New Zealand is.

Coupled with this post are little bits from my journal that I kept throughout the trip.

Te Ao Marama

Golden jewel and out
Line streaming towards
Its earthen connector,
With fast moving wool
Opening doors from
Heaven to our earth.

This is the closest
To heaven, we will be
Among relative sheep,
And all our grass is
Galilee and fruit
Is Eden, we live.

And green waves call our
Childhood fabrication
To live and die and
Forever seek that light
That touches our earth
And makes all ways green.

How can a place be so perfect? I'm not quite sure what I expected this place to do to me. I sit and watch the sunset. Ten, then fifteen minutes pass and still I cannot pull my eyes away. I resist the urge to pick up a camera and instead soak in and record every blade of grass and hue gradiation onto my heart.

(May 11) This morning we toured the Waitomo caves and third grade Lauren was beside herself with joy. I wish I could have been one of the first explorers of that cave because it would have been even more stunning than what I saw today. The glow worms were also incredibly beautiful. It's hard to imagine something like that actually existing in the world even when it's right in front of you. You just have to stand in awe.

If you want to see even more photos (and purchase a print!), check out the full gallery here!

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