Yesterday night my brother was driving home from camping and noticed some little bits of green in the sky. He quickly let me know, and my friends and I ran outside. I haven't seen Northern Lights this vibrant in a long time, and it was crazy to see them in the middle of summer too! I then spent the next hour or so photographing them (along with every other photographer in Anchorage). Be kind to me as these are my first proper Aurora photos! 

I'm spending the month of August doing a personal art project, visiting most of my childhood places and documenting them in various ways. One of the themes that's arisen from traveling is connectivity with the universe, and not just the tiny planet I call home. Never would I have thought that I would have been able to visually represent that while on this trip, but life is strange and wonderful and God always connects us to that which we need the most, or perhaps reminds us of that connection that has been set since the beginning of time. We're all made of stars. And I am infinite.

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