Weddings are extremely special to me. I've always been a lover of love and being able to document the culmination of the greatest love is such an honor. It's even more special when I get to do it for friends, and Corey and Melissa's wedding was just that. My boyfriend and I drove to Washington (a great roadtrip that we take quite often to see our friends) to Melissa's home at the tail end of July. For the rehearsal the night before it was pouring rain, so we all were crossing our fingers for the clouds to clear by morning. Thankfully that ended up being the case as everyone piled in cars that morning for brunch and morning festivities before the evening ceremony.

It was an especially beautiful time because Corey had been away for about three weeks and his first time seeing Melissa was as she walked down the aisle. (I may or may not have cried a little bit.) But finally they were joined together and everyone saw many months of preparation come to fruition. There were so many beautiful details such as the archway that was created by Melissa's father, and the cake which was made by one of her family members (which was delicious!). And of course, we were all surrounded by friends who love Corey and Melissa dearly. 

Thank you guys so so much for letting me photograph your wedding. You are so so very loved and we all wish you the best on this new chapter in your life together!