I actually got all these milk jars for my wedding (not engaged yet, calm down you people), but I really wanted to shoot with them too because how could I not?? So when I hung out with David the other day, I came up with this idea super quickly. It reminded me a lot of my 365 days, thinking up an idea on the spot and just going with it even if I didn't know if it would look awesome or absolutely ridiculous.

I've been thinking a lot about going vegan recently (or maybe just buying meat from local farms where I know the animals have been treated well ... I don't know, we're still deciding that, but anyways); one of the very first things I cut out of my life was milk. Because not only is it not very healthy for you, it's terrible for the environment with how they produce it, and terrible for the cows, and kind of weird that humans drink it in general. No worries, my mac and cheese addiction actually really loves soy and coconut milk for the sauce instead (also I'm purchasing local cheese). Suffice to say it's a long process with lots of moral turmoil for myself, haha.

But I will be the first to say I made this photo firstly because I just thought it would look cool. You don't need a super deep concept to make a good photograph. (It's just that sometimes your unconscious psyche might influence you like it did for me for this photo.)

Haha thank you David for pouring (almond) milk all over yourself, and EJ for being my assistant!