This isn't really photo-related, but I wanted to share anyways. My friends and I all got tattoos this past weekend. It as such a fun experience to be able to share, and I finally got the tattoo I've always dreamed of getting. Still can hardly believe that Lauren, who is terribly afraid of needles, actually did it. But I am so proud of her.

This piece has deep meanings for me, and I don't think at this point in my life I could accurately express the depth of it. It's a take on the red string of fate, which is a fable about how two humans, no matter the distance between them, are connected by an invisible string and are destined to meet. The meaning of the string has expanded for me, to symbolize not only the connection between humans, but the connection between the past, present, and future self, the connection between humans and God, and the connection between humans and nature. The design itself is also a kind of play on a map marker. Earlier iterations of this design (which I started working on when I was over in New Zealand) actually had the marker instead of a simple circle. It's also a play on the infinity sign, as well as a play on a linear timeline.

We are not random threads in an unraveling universe, but we are instead people whose destinies are interwoven, and until the last of us has lived, the significance of the first cannot be finally clear.
— Lundin, Beginning With The Word

So much of my artistic and personal life work deals with these connections, and I imagine the rest of my life will as well. Either way, I'm so happy to finally have a piece of art that pretty much encapsulates everything I am and the end to which I am going.