Uhm, so I think the most epic couple award goes to ...

But seriously, we had one chance to do the shoot, as Sandy and Vern had just flown into Anchorage that morning and I was leaving for Oregon the following. In true Alaskan weather, we didn't get our beautiful golden hour, and were instead met with threats of rain. And while it did begin to sprinkle towards the end of our shoot, nothing else mattered: it was just Sandy and Vern, in love, at the edge of the world. I just happened to be there to witness it. Climbing on rocks, braving the cold, and doing basically anything it took to get an incredible photo--they were willing to do just about anything and I'm so thankful for clients who trust me like that. 

I tried really hard to narrow the photos down from this shoot to share with you, but we all know how great I am at that. Seriously so excited to photograph their wedding next year!

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