Hello to year twenty three. This time you have snuck up on me. Twenty two has been such a year of transitions (hah, I think I say that every year), and now I am finding myself still neck deep in those changes. Adjusting to post-grad life, adjusting to general adult life, to married life, to a solid daily schedule. It's been harder for me to transition out of college than I thought (which I don't know why I thought it would be easy, because I'm terrible at self motivation), simply because I don't have structured learning anymore. Everything that I'm being taught, I must now be more attentive to it, more aware of it, and more proactive with it. (But I have been keeping up pretty well with my goals for 2017 so far, so there's hope.)

I don't want to simply reiterate my New Year's Resolutions, but they pretty much are synonymous with 23 goals. This is the year of more creating, more learning, more grounding, and maybe a little bit more flying too.

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