Wow, this year has absolutely flown by. I've been in sort of a weird headspace this first week of January. The new year is so important and significant to me so I always feel a bit nostalgic and lethargic. So I apologize for this post being a bit late and for me not being too reflective of the year. It was so amazing and wonderful and I don't think I'll ever put into words how awesome it's been. 

I am always my worst critic, but going through all of my work from 2016 has left me feeling pretty confident. I am so so so thankful for all of my clients and friends who have chosen me as their photographer, to document some of the most important moments of their life. I feel like a broken record because I always say it, but I'm truly humbled.

Here are some of my favorite and memorable images from 2016, in no particular order. (Haha, also sorry I couldn't narrow them down--I'm always terrible at doing that.)

Thank you all for making 2016 so wonderful. If you like, you can check out last year's post here.