I just recently started working towards selling my photos for stock, which has led to a sudden burst of creativity. I love client work with all my heart (and some of my most creative and beautiful images come from that), but I began photography with the conceptual self portrait, and have found myself doing less and less of it over the years. So I'm trying to get out and shoot more things for fun again (but also to sell), hence these portraits. I was inspired by my past "laptop light" images (which you can see here, even though a couple of them aren't lighted with a laptop.), but now that I have the modern technology of a flashlight on my phone, I used that instead. Same idea though, and just goes to show you really don't need fancy equipment to make something neat.

This whole thing was really just a fun experimentation with light. The string fairy lights you can find on Amazon, and the magnifying sheet thing is from the dollar store. Okay, sorry these are just pictures of my face (and get used to it because I have more selfie shoots to share), but oh well. :)

Hope you all are having a good day!