Whew, haven’t shared anything here in a quick minute. This year has been so crazy busy in the best way possible—I’ve had such a great and wonderful year that I haven’t really had much time to even think about blogging. Now that wedding season is officially over for me (and everything is finally packaged and ready to be mailed off to all my incredible couples), I can take a quick breath and reflect a little bit over this past year. (Sidenote, where did November go already?)

I’m just going to go in order of events, starting out with my shoot with Olesya! In the beginning of February I went down to California with Pic-Time to Field Trip—a photography, creativity, generally magical conference. In a strange mixup I was left without a room and ended up sharing a space with Olesya, who was there as a teacher. I like to think of myself as a professional extrovert, meaning I’m actually super introverted but I do a pretty good job of making people think I’m in charge if need be (a good skill to have as a wedding photographer, haha), so it was really nice to meet someone like Olesya who was down to do anything and everything!

We made these photos just for fun during that week, and they’re still some of my favorites!

Olesya LPP 035.jpg
Olesya LPP 087.jpg
Olesya LPP 091.jpg
Olesya LPP 098.jpg
Olesya LPP 101.jpg
Olesya LPP 125.jpg