Happy first post of 2019! I’m SO excited for this year, I feel it’s going to be a very great one. I’m still chugging through my shoots from last year, but now in this quiet moment of my life I feel I have a bit more time to share them all with you! So first up is a documentation I did of the Introductory basketweaving class for Rewild Portland. One of my goals of 2018 was to do volunteer photography surrounding things that I was interested in, so art, ecology, environmentalism, etc were high on the list. I’m really thankful to be a part of Rewild Portland in general, even though I’m still not too involved with it yet. It’s such a wonderful organization and I’m excited to grow with them in 2019 as well.

But I digress (what else is new?). Here’s some of my favorite photos from their basketweaving class!

English Ivy Class 010.jpg
English Ivy Class 113.jpg
English Ivy Class 119.jpg
English Ivy Class 134.jpg