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Self Portrait + Landscape | Portage Pass, Alaska

{diary entry}

As I back up my files from this past year, I stumble upon these from this summer (July 25 to the exact) that I never published. So here they are, in their completion. I photographed these while participating (and assisting) in a workshop with my boss, who is a really awesome person. You can read more about his workshops here, and I encourage everyone to go on one because they are absolutely amazing. Even I, who have a little bit of photographic experience, learned a ton during the day and got to put it to practice. And even if you know everything there is to know about photos, the trips are still worth it because you get to go to amazing places. I don't think photos will ever do Portage Pass justice. You just have to experience it first-hand.

Special thanks to one of the workshop participants for clicking the shutter button on the first photo, and to Jeff for clicking the button on the second one.

I hope to be able to go back to this place again someday!