Because I want to get into shooting with musicians regularly, I wanted to do a test shoot of sorts with my friend Auna. After I learned she played the harp, we began thinking up ideas for a shoot. During one day at work, my boss suggested I go to Bald Peak, a location I had never been to before, and now that I've been, I am questioning why I never went there earlier. It is such a perfect location and the weather was absolutely glorious, making for some awesome photographs! We decided upon a sort of angelic vibe, with her in a white dress and allowing the golden hour to provide a magical atmosphere.

We brought the harp to the peak and with my awesome assistant at my side and Auna playing some beautiful music, it was truly a fantastic experience. You can see Sarah's photos here!

Honestly I don't have much else to say about this shoot. It was one of my favorites, with some of my favorite images resulting from it. It was definitely a fantastic first experience working with musicians!


If you would like to see even more photos from this shoot, be sure to head over to my facebook page!