For my Photo III class each student created a personal semester long project. (As you can tell, I did mine with a disposable camera, took it to Walgreens, never received a notification that they developed the photos, and then forgot about them until a couple days ago. Super huge kudos to the place for holding it for over two months!) In the beginning, I spent a long time trying to decide on an idea that I liked, tried a couple different concepts that weren't right at the time, and basically felt frustrated at having to do another series. This past semester was very photo heavy, with me doing different projects for different people and I didn't really want to create anything for myself, much less a cohesive series of pieces.

So I thought about the things that brought me to photography, and the things that help me maintain creativity and excitement. I thought of when I was a little kid, how I would spend all my money on disposable cameras and photograph everything, just for the simple need of documentation. And then I thought about the art of photography itself, how it's all about the light, how beautiful light makes me really want to pick up a camera, how we all need the light and thrive by it. 

I decided to go back to my roots, so to speak, and do something simple and meaningful. I always spend too much time planning out shoots and sitting on photoshop and I wanted to step away from that a bit with this series of photos, and remind myself why I love creating photos--because I love documenting my life, and because I'm in love with the light.